Facebook makes a Slack competitor called "Facebook Workplace," with marquee customers like the government of Singapore, Walmart, Discovery Communications, Starbucks, and Campbell Soup Corporation.

On Wednesday, the company demonstrated a new suite of features for Workplace, including the ability to censor certain words or topics from the system. The example they chose? "Unionize."



Hey everybody, got some new meds and now I feel like I can start being active on Mastodon again.

Looking for friends. What's up?

Trying to think of platformers for modern consoles with persons of color as the sole hero, and the only ones I can come up with are Dandara and the Shantae games. What am I missing?

Requested list of police brutality 

protesting advice + Cell phones! 

look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you are angrier about being accused of being anti-black than you are over losing the trust of the community we are meant to help protect.

ask why your ego is more important than being quiet and humbling yourself to another's wisdom.

Material Design, Modernism, & design politics: imaginarycloud.com/blog/materi

'Google is a multinational corporation that represents a particular culture and Material Design is just another tentacle of the octopus that monopolizes the Web.

That’s why, more than ever, movements like Web-Brutalism that have the boldness and the courage to question those “rational aesthetics”, dictated by science and technology, are very relevant.'

“Without an option to not call Google API's, I'd prefer to use other software.”


This is what every developer with a conscience should be doing.

Bravo 👏


Icon Library 0.0.6 is out 🎉

it features:
-the shipped icons are now split into categories
- the icons are split into shipped ones and the "pre-installed on the system" ones
- a new fancy export dialog that includes docs for how to include the icon as a resource and use it


@strypey After a few days of reading your posts I just realized your picture is actually not of a nuclear explosion.

I finished my marionette for now, just need the strings to the handles, but I feel finished enough for now. I'm a happy amateur. Made from a tree growing under power lines (and so had to be cut down). I guess it had been there for a couple of years waiting this transformation. Or decades? I guess it had a lot of rings. Ramble ramble.


covid-19, amateur radio, social distancing 

Putting the plague terminal on the kitchen counter has given me more opportunities to journal, and a chance to stop and smell the onions.

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