@strypey After a few days of reading your posts I just realized your picture is actually not of a nuclear explosion.

I finished my marionette for now, just need the strings to the handles, but I feel finished enough for now. I'm a happy amateur. Made from a tree growing under power lines (and so had to be cut down). I guess it had been there for a couple of years waiting this transformation. Or decades? I guess it had a lot of rings. Ramble ramble.


covid-19, amateur radio, social distancing 

Putting the plague terminal on the kitchen counter has given me more opportunities to journal, and a chance to stop and smell the onions.

@fribbledom I do think an expensive carbon and resource waste tax onto commercial web sites would be fun.


If you're looking for an alternative to Goodreads. I've had a lifetime subscription to Libarything for forever, and the site still feels like some kind of late 90s labor of love.

The prototype boards is fully assembled. The next part is the firmware and to test them before giving them a new home to some brave friends.


Alright, I don't have #Skyrim anymore, so I'm looking for all the best mods to make #Morrowind for PC as good as it can be. Any suggestions? I've found a couple of forum posts with suggestions, but if you have anything, let me know!

In Germany, concert halls and opera houses have decided to have their events take place as usual, but instead of opening for audiences, they're streaming them online, for free.

Basically, thanks to Covid-19, a whole lot of poor people now have access to les beaux arts for the first time ever.

@codesections @Gidi Kroon

My boss at Netscape presented the first public demo of HTML mail in 1996. It was an interactive form that made and edited airline reservations completely through mail. A handful of us then spent weeks lobbying folks to at least disable JavaScript - which was present in the earliest releases. The airline reservation demo was f*cked after we did that. You could get it to work with a traditional HTML form, but the interactivity (like client-side form field validation) was shot to hell. In response to why it's so bad - because not only the editing issue mentioned earlier, but you have all the security issues of HTML and email and some new issues which are unique to the combined effort. For instance the ability to track who opened/read a message using images. And the SSL complications are a nightmare. You really need not only a separate browser, but a completely sandboxed browser, and this conflicts with the requirements of the web browser. So you end up with a fork of the browser solely for email use and the email devs don't usually have experience writing browsers, and the browser devs have no experience trying to make it secure for email. So ultimately the fork is poorly maintained.  Then fast forward 20+ years after this neglect has become institutionalised and you find yourself in the situation we find ourselves today.
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