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We've just released #PeerTube v2.1!
#PeerTube is a tool for you to free your videos from YouTube.
All new features are explained here:
Please share :pt_happy:

The first try I got fired on day two. I'm okay with that.

Setting a lot of goals based on objectives last fall turned out to be self-sabotaging... I'm going to try setting process-oriented goals this spring and see if that yields better results

Why do programming languages allow newbies to make the same mistakes every year? Is it so that we, senior developers and software architects, can chuckle at them derisively and feel good about ourselves? Why don't we make languages better instead? Remove confusing and financially damaging elements?

For instance: noobs tend to store money in a floating-point data type. That leads to rounding errors. Why don't our languages pick a better type? Why don't our tutorials teach better?

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Google didn't invent YouTube. Facebook didn't invent Instagram. And the list goes on and on.

That’s why I voted to order,,,, & to hand over a decade of records about their buying binge.

reCAPTCHA is one of many "free" systems that are seemingly helpful and innocent, but are actually part of the #Google data-collection ecosphere.

If you are a #website / app #developer, consider using tools & APIs that do not collect user & system information.

If you must use a particular system that integrates with reCAPTCHA or similar, please provide them feedback that you would like alternatives to Google services.

Users, choose to solicit sites that value your #privacy and user data.

It turns out that Google is now using Chrome to track its users(!)

DNT: 1

"Why does a device that is essentially a mouse need a privacy policy?"

A blogger found out that his wacom tablet tracked every applications he opens. He also discovered a sort of kill switch, which can stop collection of this data immediately.

As a sysadmin I'm having a bad feeling in my stomach about hosting my own Mastodon instance. The code is too hip for me. I'm having a hard time understanding retention and hw requirements. Unlike Matrix, I've been running Synapse for years and it feels good. PixelFed is somewhere in between.

Mozilla just announced that we chose @matrix as IRC replacement for synchronous messaging. Matrix's announcement is here:

Okay, now I'm running , . No for me. Let's see how this goes. Feels great.

Reel2Bits, a federated music-sharing platform, needs volunteer developers!

A new addition to the federated music space needs your help!

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Personal instance for friends to reach out into the fediverse.